Toro® Outdoor Power Equipment

Man aerates large lawn using 2019 Toro Aerators (61cm) Stand-On Aerator

Toro® Outdoor Power Equipment

When you begin to shop around for new outdoor power equipment, you’ll find a wide variety of reputable brands to choose from. It’s important to choose a tool you can count on for top-notch power and performance. At MDP Outdoor Solutions, we pride ourselves on carrying the best of the best, which includes the legendary Toro® outdoor power equipment. No matter what type of tool you’re seeking, you’ll be able to find a perfect match for your needs. Keep reading to learn more about some of the options. When you’re ready to view the models, visit our dealership in Rushville and Noblesville, IN.

Toro 30 Stand-On Aerator

Commercial Aerators

Commercial aerators offer many benefits. This piece of Toro outdoor power equipment is designed to pierce the soil with small holes. This allows the ground to hold more moisture, which gives the grass better access to the nutrients it needs to remain healthy and continue growing. With the help of a powerful commercial aerator, you’ll be on your way to an even healthier lawn in no time.

Toro 20 Hydraulic Slit Seeder

Commercial Seeders

Another key step in taking proper care of your yard is overseeding. How do you know if you need it? If your grass is looking especially dull after receiving an excessive amount of sun or it’s suddenly become susceptible to insects and disease, it might be time to invest in a commercial seeder. Your Toro outdoor power equipment will help you fill thin patches and enhance the overall look of your yard.

Toro Power Max® 826 OXE


There are some jobs that are just too much to handle with a simple shovel. You’ll be in good hands with a snowthrower. If you’re looking to up your game and improve your snow-clearing ability, this is the perfect piece of Toro outdoor power equipment for you. Choose among electric, single-stage, and two-stage models. Each snowthrower comes with a unique set of features that’ll improve your snow-clearing experience.

Toro Workman® MDX Series

Utility Vehicles

Need a quick, reliable, and efficient way to travel across a job site? Consider investing in a utility vehicle by Toro. These robust machines are the perfect way to transport your gear, equipment, and workers from one edge of the property to the other. Many business and private owners purchase a UTV to help them with their daily tasks. No matter how labor-intensive your work is, you’ll be in good hands with these vehicles.